British Skin Foundation Studentship Available in Hamill Lab

See below for details;PhD Studentship: Dissecting the Role of LaNts and their Receptors in Epidermal Wound Healing and Squamous Cell Carcinoma.Stipend: £13,863 paInstitute of Ageing and Chronic Disease, Department of Eye and Vision ScienceLocation: LiverpoolProject starting date: 1 December 2014Closing date for applications: Friday 27 June 2014Eligibility: UK or EU citizens onlySupervisors: Dr Kevin J... Continue Reading →

BBSRC Grant Funded!

My first post and its big news! The Biotechnology and Bioscience Research Council have decided to fund my application "Characterisation of LaNt regulation of basement membrane organisation in wound repair and angiogenesis." Exciting times! Below is the summary from the proposal. Please feel free to comment with ideas, suggestions, feedback, collaboration ideas etc. Characterisation of LaNt regulation... Continue Reading →

Ever wonder what the background of the blog is? It's a recently closed skin wound. Stained for alpha6 integrin (magenta), the matrix protein fibronectin (green) and nuclei stained with DAPI (blue) I'm posting this now as Liam told me he has never seen this picture before. It has been the backdrop since 2014...

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