Art of Science 2 – public engagement

On Friday 24th July we had the "meet the scientist" portion of the IACD imaging competition. In addition to the art display, we set up a light microscope with a bunch of cool/pretty/interesting histology slides from our research and had a monitor hooked up with a slide show of videos and other still from the... Continue Reading →

IACD Art of Science Competition

Over the last few months Hannah Levis, Brian McDonagh, Stephen Beard and myself have been running an "Art of Science" scientific images competition with the staff and students of the Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease, University of Liverpool. It's been fantastic, with uptake right across the breadth of institute - 49 pics coming from... Continue Reading →

They grow up so fast – #3 MRes edition

Time to say congrats and good job to another MRes student. Jessica Eyre has just finished her 10 weeks in the lab doing some really nice work on retinal pericytes and endothelial cells response to diabetic stresses. Loads of data, lots of fun and great for me to be involved in the early stages of... Continue Reading →

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