Doubling up on Valentinas

At the beginning of August Dr Valentina Barrera (@Barrera_LVP) joined my team to work on the BBSRC funded project into the LaNt proteins and their roles in basement membrane formation. Valentina comes to me with a postdoctoral background in vascular biology including malarial retinopathy research following on from her PhD studies into the immune response to malarial... Continue Reading →

Journal club – season 4 champion

SInce starting in EVS I have established a student journal club. Initially this was  purely as a way to critically evaluate one new publication per week as chosen by the students. The goal was, by being hypercrtical of other, published, work, the students' own experimental design and figure presentation would improve. Since then, its evolved... Continue Reading →

Sports day

Yesterday was the first, annual (hopefully), Dept of Eye and Vision Science (EVS) Sports day held at the beautiful Sefton Park in Liverpool. We had 5 teams of 5 participants + family and friends for post-work picnic and some old school sports fun. Throughout the evening the multinational basis of our students and staff was... Continue Reading →

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