Writing results sections – a quick guide

This month I have examined two PhD theses and read three MRes project reports and I thought I would share some simple advice to help what should be the easiest and clearest part of any thesis/manuscript/report. The advice below is what I do, not every PI will agree with this format 0) Analyse your data,... Continue Reading →

Colin and ColXVII

On the day I started at UofL I was shown in to my new office and told that I was to be sharing with fellow new starter┬áProf Colin Willoughby for awhile whilst his office was renovated. Colin, as those who have met him will tell you, is a great guy and an amazingly good scientist;... Continue Reading →

They grow up so fast: MRes Spring 2016 edition

Another semester, another fruitful batch of MRes students. This time Farhannah and Shane returned for another dose of punishment fun in team Hamill. Farhannah, working closely with PhD student Lee Troughton, generated a load of interesting and somewhat surprising data about LaNt a31 knockdown in corneal epithelial cells. Her talk today was thoroughly impressive; hilarious... Continue Reading →

They grow up so fast – BSMB 2016 edition

The last couple of days has been filled with fun and great science at the British Society of Matrix Biology meeting in Chester. Team Hamill members Valentina Iorio and Lee Troughton presented posters of their work that together make up a manuscript that is currently out for review. There was also a sizeable showing from... Continue Reading →

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