More than tatas 

My wife wrote the following. As someone who has gone through intense chemo and radiotherapy and is coming to terms with her new normal I thought her opinion worth sharing with a wider audience. The Breast Cancer Awareness season is upon us. Some of us may have even taken part in a walk/run or hosted... Continue Reading →

New Hamill Lab website

After 3 years as an independent faculty member I felt it was long overdue that I had my own website! So, yesterday and today I have been using adobe spark to generate some web content. Its very much a work in progress with some gaps needing filled but if you want to have a look... Continue Reading →

Team Hamill 

Umar graduated on Thursday and Valentina Barrera came in for a "keep in touch" day from her maternity leave so we took the opportunity to grab a new pic of the team. Left to right: Dr Valentina Barrera, Dr Kevin Hamill, Dr Umar Sharif, Lee Troughton and Valentina Iorio. Thanks to Neil for taking the... Continue Reading →

PhD studentship availaible

I am pleased to announce the availability of a fight for sight funded PhD studentship working with myself, Sajjad Ahmad and Colin Willoughby in the Department of Eye and vision science, University of Liverpool. Advert will be posted next week however you can read about the project below and, if interested, feel free to direct... Continue Reading →

51 Days

The story is ready, now's the time. Pick a journal; scope, prestige, open access, impact factor?  Doesn't matter! Shouldn't matter! Ok, it does matter, of course it does. What about processing time? This one says it's fast.  13 days average.  Great, get it in. Wait Wait 2 weeks....3 weeks, check email daily, Check online submission... Continue Reading →

They grow up so fast – MRes 2015-16 project 3

July 2016 and its time for another cohort of students to present the data generated from the last 3 months in the lab. This time joining team Hamill were Katie Ryan and Madalina Carter-Timofte both of whom have had another productive 10 weeks generating some interesting (and some surprising data) in their respective projects. Today... Continue Reading →

The Great Umaro

Today is the last day in the Lab of Dr Umar Sharif (aka. the Great Umaro). Umar has with team Hamill for the past 6 months as maternity cover for Dr Valentina Barrera (thanks to funding from the Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease in response to their Athena swan policy). The time has been... Continue Reading →

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