Lab medals?

Yesterday we had the pleasure of welcoming Paraolympic athlete Stephanie Slater to our lab. Stephanie won gold (4x100 medley relay) and silver (100m butterfly) in Rio 2016 as well as gold and silvers at the 2013 world championships. Stephanie has suffered from a rare ocular disorder called Keratoconus (cone shaped cornea) that leads to bulging... Continue Reading →

They grow up so fast – 3rd year tutorial group edition

Busy couple of weeks with the semester ending and various groups of my students being tasked to create a poster. Yesterday was the turn of my 3rd Molecular Biology students who chose to look at miRNA and age-related disease. They did a thoroughly good job, without really needing any input from me. I don't know... Continue Reading →

They grow up so fast; Mercia stem cell alliance conference edition.

Dr Valentina Barrera and MRes student Tobi Oyewole were in action today, presenting the work from the last few months at the Mercia Stem Cell Alliance conference. Unfortunately couldn't make it so Vale got the opportunity to act as the proud parent to the first time presenter. 

They grow up so fast – 1st year tutorial group edition

Slightly different version of the usual update... Today the first year life scientist students┬ápresented a poster to their peers on a topic of their choice. This is my tutorial group, all studying on the Biovet course, along with their poster on antibiotic use/resistance in livestock farming. Definitely all their own work as I know very... Continue Reading →

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