Burns Night

Last night the Hamill team celebrated the life and works of Robert Burns with a night of food, poetry, song and dance with team members, partners, children and friends. It was a fantastic time with much hilarity, delicious food and drink. Many thanks to everyone for coming and for making it such a fun night.... Continue Reading →

They grow up so fast – MRes 2016-17 project 1

New year, new poster session with Hamill lab students in action. This time its the turn of two MRes students from this year's clinical sciences cohort. Tobi Oyewole's project looked into changes in LaNt a31 distribution in corneal limbal explants, a model of corneal wound repair in relation to proteins associated with of limbal basal... Continue Reading →

They grow up so fast – Mapstone prize winner edition

Congratulations to PhD student Karen Lester on a prize winning talk at the Department of Eye and Vision Science and St Paul's Eye Unit annual ophthalmology presentations. Karen's studies are trying reverse engineering glaucoma in order to identify new therapeutic targets to treat this blinding disease. She already has some interesting findings and its developing... Continue Reading →

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