St Paul’s Eye Appeal fundraising dinner

Last week St Paul's eye unit and the Department of Eye and Vision Science at the University of Liverpool hosted a dinner at Liverpool town hall to promote the St Paul's Eye Appeal. This appeal supports a number of research projects that don't fit into the common funding mechanisms. i.e. the appeals fills the gap... Continue Reading →

Eye eye eye?

Putting together the images from our sunscreen project to prepare the manuscript.... Here are a bunch of the eye images that MRes student Kareem took. Not sure why but I find it strangely compelling so thought I would share. If you were part of the study I challenge you to spot yourself... Can't wait for... Continue Reading →

Lung Fibrosis Studentship Available in Hamill lab

We are pleased to announce we have been awarded funding do a really cool project in the area of matrix assembly in the alveolar epithelium and are¬†currently accepting applications for a funded PhD studentship position. Interested? apply here; Determination of the mechanisms through which age and disease associated alveolar epithelial matrix changes drive development and... Continue Reading →

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