The Sunscreen Challenge

On Saturday the University of Liverpool held one of its "Meet the Scientists" event at the World Museum. At these events, various groups from the uni run stands¬†about their area of research and try to educate and inspire the next group of scientists. Around 1000 parents and children attend and this weekend had ¬†stands about;... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Valentina!

Tomorrow is Valentina's birthday so for the second time this week we had an impromptu lab celebration. Open flames are banned in our building so lots of imagination required, lucky Vale got all the candles out first time. Liam harnessed his background in cake decoration / poor photoshopping to generate cake decorations. I'm not convinced that... Continue Reading →

All set for “meet the scientists”

On Sat 13th May, we will be at the World Museum in Liverpool with our stand on sun safety and sunscreen application as part of their and the University of Liverpool's ongoing "meet the scientists" events. Previous events have attracted 600-1000 folks so today we had a trial run with all the equipment to make... Continue Reading →

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