Sunscreen challenge filming for ITV

Yesterday the TV cameras were in IACD filming a programme about summer sun for which our little piece about sunscreen will form a part. Here are some pics of Austin McCormick, eyelid cancer specialist and co author of the forthcoming paper, being filmed for his contribution. As my wife said, "Austin has the better face... Continue Reading →

Dr Iorio! 

They grow up so fast - PhD viva edition! On Thursday my first PhD student Valentina Iorio defended her thesis at her viva voce examination. An incredibly proud day for her and for her supervisor (I,e. Me!)  It was a thoroughly unusual day; due to a clash in commitments of her external examiner, Vale, myself... Continue Reading →

Valentina en route to viva!!!

Hello readers! It's Valentina here, the first PhD student to have joined the Hamill's lab. I am writing my first article on a very special day...on my way to Dundee to defend my thesis! It's been a really cool adventure, full of incredible discoveries.  When I have started, the only available data on LaNts were... Continue Reading →

Sunscreen Challenge at the World Museum

On Saturday the University of Liverpool ran another "Meet the Scientists" events at the World Museum in Liverpool. These days are massive fun; 700+ adults and children (5-12 ish) year olds get to experience a whole range of cool interactive science based exhibits. For this one, we tied our sunscreen application (UV imaging) event to... Continue Reading →

They grow up so fast – MRes project 3

Quick recap of MRes Clin Sci students recent projects in the Hamill lab

Fundraising for my Funders!

Welcome to my first "LaNt and laminins" blog post! I have been a member of Kevin's team now for nearly 4 years. It all started during my MRes degree when I managed to survive two projects in the Hamill lab, although this was mostly down to the help of Valentina (Iorio). During this time I... Continue Reading →

Misapplication of sunscreen leaves people vulnerable to skin cancer

When applying sunscreen people miss on average 10 per cent of their face, the most common site for skin cancer, according to University of Liverpool research presented at the British Association of Dermatologists’ Annual Conference in Liverpool this week. More than 90 per cent of basal cell carcinomas, the most common cancer in the UK, occur on... Continue Reading →

They grow up so fast – British Assoc of Dermatology meeting

Today MRes student Kareem was in action at the British Association of Dermatology meeting presenting his project on sunscreen application. Pretty impressively the abstract got selected for a plenary talk and he did an excellent job to a sizeable crowd of potential future employers!

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