New review article out; anti angiogenic applications for corneal neovascularization

Just a quick post to say our recent review article on "Gene based anti-angiogenic applications for corneal neovascularization" is now available; link to pubmed here The first author for this article is Siyan (Shane) Liu who did a couple of MRes projects with my  and  Colin Willoughby groups a couple of years ago, and the basis... Continue Reading →

Team photo – Oct 2017

Today the whole team were together for our lab meeting so we took the opportunity to grab a lab photo. We have definitely reached critical mass; my head is struggling to cope with everything that is going on in the 10 projects but it's worth it as it's really exciting to see them all progressing.... Continue Reading →

Liam vs Conro; the lab challenge round 1

New PhD students Liam and Conro go head to head in a series of games

They grow up so fast – JohnJohn’s 1st year talk

Today JohnJohn Knox had his end of 1st year of PhD talk (upgrade seminar). JohnJohnJohn is working on trying to develop a new molecular therapeutic for glaucoma on a project sponsored by UK charity Fight for Sight. He has three supervisors; Colin Willoughby, George Bou Gharios and myself and while Colin is the real driver behind... Continue Reading →

Sunscreen challenge; article in press

Today the primary research that led to the sunscreen challenge, and all the posts (and TV shows) that you have must seen by now, was published. The link to the paper at the PLOS one site is here. Have a look, download the paper, make a comment, tweet directly from the site (rather than retweeting... Continue Reading →

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