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Write your materials and methods properly!! Here are 10 quick tips or our complete methods writing guide Want to see more Life in the Laminin Lab cartoons - here is #7 (and backward links from there)

Burrrrrrns 2018

Last night was our annual burns supper and while I sit here nursing a hangover driven by too much good wine and good whisky I thought I would post a few pics from the night. Loads of fun again; food, poetry, games, singing and, of course, a late night rock lobster. I think we have... Continue Reading →

SciArt review process

If Art was subject to peer-review.... Preparation The Review Process Any likeness to people at my institution is purely coincidental 😉 Who have I missed? Comment box below Like this? It's part of a series of cartoons we are producing, you can sign up for alerts via the email box or see the previous cartoons... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Sci-Art to Inspire the Next Generation

Science-based works of Art (#sciart) created yesterday at the Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease by year-6 children (10-11yrs old) from Liverpool primary schools will be  on display at Royal Liverpool University Hospital foyer on Fri the 26th Jan (11am-5pm)! If you are around, come along and support #scicomm Message from Valentina Barrera and the... Continue Reading →

Filming the sunscreen study with the BBC

BBC tv shoot with university of Liverpool researchers

Life in the Laminin Lab #6 – Intros

Like to see more of our new cartoon series? #5 seems like a good place to start! Don't be like JohnJohn, read our guide to writing the introduction sections to manuscripts / project reports / lab reports etc   here Or other parts of your project here

Sunscreen study in the skiing press

With ski season upon us, another bunch of articles have come out about our little sunscreen study (links to articles at bottom of the page). Regular readers of the blog will likely be fed up hearing about the sunscreen challenge. However, if you missed them and want to see some of the earlier blog posts about... Continue Reading →

Life in the Laminin Lab #5 – Examples

  Check back on Monday for #6 #4 available here (and links to the rest) or Meet the characters Or, if you are feeling really keen, read about how Kevin actually did bring in the Mongol invasion of India in his PhD thesis and viva; here.

Adding width to a discussion section…. How to include Mongol invasions in your molecular biology PhD thesis!

In the writing guide section of this blog there is a page about writing discussions. On that page, I refer to the concept of adding width to your discussion in a PhD thesis and mentioned that I ended up talking about the invasion of India by the Mongols in my PhD thesis ("Laminin alpha3 isoforms... Continue Reading →

Life in the Laminin Lab #4 – Aligning Expectations

See #1 here   #2 here, #3 here Or #5 here Meet the characters

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