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Life in the laminin lab #15...   Like cartoons? We have more! Start heading backwards through the archives.... #14 Or jump to one of our grouped pages #6 to 10, #1 to 5

Scottish PI…

Little bonus cartoon for a once every 10 year event! Normal service will resume tomorrow. Last week's cartoon

Collecting Countries…

This is a map of the locations of people who have visited our lab blog over the past two months. I may have shown some of you this before but this past week we broke a bunch of our own records again (graph below) and filled in a bunch more of the gaps! I'm posting... Continue Reading →

Mad Max

A combo of commentaries of this week's news - David Davis's ridiculous #brexit announcement and the UUK decision not to negotiate with the unions before implementing changes to UK University pension plans... A UK-wide strike of faculty and staff is underway in the hope that it will lead to the resumption of meaningful talks. It's no... Continue Reading →

Blotting safety

Happy Monday, time for Life in the Laminin Lab #14 Like this? See the rest, starting at #13 and links onward from there. Or jump to some of our pages of grouped cartoons #6-10 or #1-5    

New content added – introduction to LaNts

Ever wondered why the blog (and lab twitter account) is called LaNtsandlaminins? Probably not! However, as part of my drive to include a greater amount of useful, accessible information about the stuff we work on, the stuff we are excited about, and the things that I almost certainly will have tried to talk to you... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day in the lab cartoon

Free access to “Gene-Based Antiangiogenic Applications for Corneal Neovascularization”

For the next 50 days you can access our  review article "Gene-Based Antiangiogenic Applications for Corneal Neovascularization" in Survey of Ophthalmology without paying subscription via this link.        


See Life in the Laminin Lab #11 When is repetition your enemy? Basically anytime you are writing, but especially in the materials and methods sections! Want more methods writing advice? Check out the new "methods" guide - either the full version or 10 simple rules10 quick tips for methods sections *Draft* to get you going.... Continue Reading →

Colour blind

Miss any of the Life in the Laminin Lab? #8 here or other links below Figure preparation guidelines now available Other writing guides section also available here Comments?

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