You can see a lot by looking – confocal microscopy imaging of laminins (etc)

Science and art meet when imaging laminins and other ecm proteins using confocal microscopy

Troubles with -seq data

Hypothesis independent screens are really powerful but with great power comes great responsibility. While every gene, miRNa, or protein might matter, it can be a bit much for a 9am lab talk to talk to discuss every single one! (yes the last slide has a mistake in it... had to keep it true to form!)

Bringing my molecular biology research into the real world – Aniridia Network UK meeting

by Thanos P. Last week I was invited to take part in the annual conference of Aniridia Network UK. There, I was given the opportunity to present the work we undertake in Liverpool University, alongside Dr. Kevin Hamill and Prof. Colin Willoughby, developing a therapeutic tool for Aniridia Associated Keratopathy. It was revitalising (and somewhat... Continue Reading →

Setting the Benchmarks for Keratoconus Treatments

Our newest paper has just been published in the Journal of Refractive Surgery (available here - open access). In it we have examined the effects a procedure called corneal crosslinking has on the structure of the cornea, on the chemical bonds within it and how those relate to changes to the stiffness (strength) of the tissue.... Continue Reading →


Laminins are extracellular proteins, lamins are nuclear envelope proteins - similar names, very different jobs! Want to learn about laminins? Click here for our friendly intro. Wondering what the cone is all about? Find out here

Motivational tactics

Laminin Research Highlights – what a difference a beta chain makes

#2 of our laminin highlights series. This time I want to draw  attention to two papers, both from March this year. On their own, each of these are pretty cool, asking important questions but, taken together, they contribute important observations to the laminin field that may not be fully appreciated individually. Put simply, when it... Continue Reading →

Interviewing Confidence

Continuing our Conro's PhD interview series... see other two here New Interviewing Techniques and Interviewing techniques

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