Bonus Cartoon: LeeBurt learning to fit in

This week we visited Chicago (after our conference in Orlando). As we were on holiday it seemed appropriate to have a lab holiday cartoon... As usual, "art" imitates life  

Predisposed to lack of progress?

Off on holiday and I'm wondering what new excuse I'll get when I get back... Additional ideas? I'll add them to this page.

They grow up fast – Lee at IID2018

This week we are in Orlando at the International Investigative Dermatology meeting. This once every 5 year event brings together the American European and Japanese societies of skin researchers. It's a big and, quite genuinely, excellent conference. Lee's work on our squamous cell carcinoma associated splicing switch was selected from the 1000s of abstracts to... Continue Reading →

Congratulations Dr Lester!

Ma-hoosive congratulations to the newly minted Dr Karen Lester! (aka Krn, also aka Moe). Karen studied for her PhD into the molecular mechanisms behind glaucoma. She was supervised by Prof Colin Willoughby, Dr Carl Sheridan and Mrs Anshoo Choudray however, she was also an honorary member of the Hamill lab, having worked alongside my team... Continue Reading →

Conference Decisions

LeeBurt is presenting his work at the International Investigative Dermatology meeting this week. It just so happens this once every 5 year joint meeting between the US, Japanese and European societies  is being held in Orlando... Disneyland has been mentioned. To be fair to Lee, his poster and talk are both looking good and are... Continue Reading →

The motivational tactics series... Losing impact Lab trip Lamin-in Motivational tactics

They grow up so fast – Maddie, Jess and Caitlin project talks

Today the final year undergrad students who had been completing their project in the Hamill lab gave their project talks. Maddie, Caitlin and Jess all worked on our laminins in cancer project. They worked really hard evaluating  data from hundreds of patients with HNSCC, coming up with a scoring system and then using it to... Continue Reading →

Losing impact

See the previous "motivational tactics" series: Lab trip Lamin-in Motivational tactics

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