Important planning decisions

Big decisions for the EVS away day planning committee.

“I mean, seriously, what do they even learn in primary school nowadays?”

Johnjohn was legitimately fantastic with his enthusiasm at the engagement event... so what if a few kids went home confused! At least some now appreciate the therapeutic potential of miRNAs for glaucoma and the intricacies of TGFb signalling. Read more about the recent meet the scientists event here.

Inspiration and fun at the world museum

Today scientists from the Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease at the University of Liverpool hosted a "meet the scientists" event at the World Museum in Liverpool. Together we ran 7 cool events for the hundreds of kids and their parents. I love these things. You can really see how much everyone gets out of... Continue Reading →

Just a laminin-y pipe dream?

Towards the end of our MRes’, Kevin dumped a box of pipe cleaners in front of Liam and me and told us to build a basement membrane...

Too much stimulation…

This Saturday (June 23rd 2018) we will be running an outreach event at the World Museum in Liverpool. Lots of cool stands including gait analysis, the sunscreen challenge, cell cookies, a giant cardiovascular model, how your muscles work, and eye dissection. Come along, have fun with the scientists of the Institute of Ageing and Chronic... Continue Reading →

Small successes

Liam genuinely made some significant progress on part of his project this week, so time to roll out this beauty! Small successes matter, it is important to celebrate whenever you can!

Prof Pillowtree’s payoff

This is part 4 of 4 of the Pillowtree saga. I am still upset about the lack of forks but have also accepted Euan's somewhat suspicious explanations....

Secret experiments (Pillowtree saga part 2)

OK, onward... part 3 of 4. Yes, this particularly confusing series of cartoons has 4 parts.

Blame Euan (Pillowtree saga part 3)

Still confused? Almost finished... head to the final part now. I'm not promising all this will make sense then but at least then it will all be over and normal cartoons can resume.

Prof Pillowtree Saga Part 1 – mind games

Trying somethign different this week... If you are confused don't worry, it will make sense soon. This is part 1 of a four parter. Head to part 2 now.

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