Dr Krn

Congratulations to Dr Karen (Krn) Lester who graduated today. For those that are wondering, we do wear robes in Liverpool (see luke in the background) but I was slow on the photo taking! Emotional day whenever a student completes the journey. Particularly pleasing to know that Karen will take up a postdoc position shortly. of... Continue Reading →

Formulating a robust hypothesis

Robust correlations

They grow up so fast: Derm meeting, and Sunscreen studies in the news…

Last week Lizzy Lourenco presented her MRes project work at the British Association of Dermatologists meeting in Edinburgh. Lizzy's project compared the application habits of people using SPF containing moisturiser and SPF containing sunscreen. The result: people achieve poorer overall coverage and miss a higher proportion of their face when using moisturiser. The message, that... Continue Reading →

Superhero sunburn

Our most recent SPF sunscreen/moisturiser study is in the news again, so seemed like the right time to immortalise a response to the last study. Some info: Can you replace sunscreen with moisturiser with SPF? Are you really as good at applying sunscreen as you think?  

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