Positive correlation

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New paper out: LaNt in the cornea

In case you missed it, our most recent paper has just been published in IOVS Differential Distribution of Laminin N-Terminus α31 Across the Ocular Surface: Implications for Corneal Wound Repair Valentina Barrera; Lee D. Troughton; Valentina Iorio; Siyin Liu; Olutobi Oyewole; Carl M. Sheridan; Kevin J. Hamill It's a cool story about a protein called LaNt α31 and its role in... Continue Reading →

El Negativo strikes again...El Negativo? better catch up with the storyline! click: Super Students… Coming soon. for the movie trailer.  Optimism or pessimism (realism)? The constant battle goes on. From a supervisor point of view how do you train students how to balance their viewpoint on experimental success? I want them to be optimistic. I want to... Continue Reading →

Super Students… Coming soon.

Painting the town red

Conro had some good results this week.... his cells are red. Most people in Liverpool are aware of this now. We're hopeful that the red cells will indicate bigger things, but won't know for sure for a few weeks/months. It's taking several months and lots of effort to get to here. I'm hopeful that the... Continue Reading →

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