Merry Christmas from the LaNts and Laminins team

Happy Holidays one and all. With a special shout out to my fellow #basementmembrane and #laminin aficionadoes!

Graph research

So many choices... #graphs #whatsgoingonwiththehat #research

Keep highlightin’


He who would be King

In case anyone wonders, king of the PhD students isn't a thing. Competition between PhD students is just as stupid. Everyone's journey is different, it's impossible and pointless to look at where someone else is up to.

50,000 views: LaNts and Laminins hitting the milestones

50,000 views This week our little lab blog hit a milestone: 50,000 total views. I know this isn't a lot compared with the big science or writing blogs, but it's more than we ever expected! This post is a thank you to everyone who has ever dropped by and especially to the "regulars" who have... Continue Reading →

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