Maybe an exaggeration... my HOD is on the first floor. However, chasing down that final signature is always way more difficult than you'd expect!

An introduction to Bov.

Aloha! The names Olivia, aka Bov (I didn’t choose this name, nor am I happy about it!) and recently I had the exciting opportunity to work along-side the cartoon characters you all know and love in the Hamill lab. I am currently studying for an MRes in Clinical Sciences at Liverpool University and hope to... Continue Reading →

As Euan always says "the best night in is bunny and penguins"

LaNts and Leeburt in the BSF newsletter

The British Skin Foundation funded Lee's PhD project. The image above comes from their recent newsletter, where they mention some of his findings. The BSF are a really great charity, they fund truly transformational science focused on the understanding and treatment of skin disease. They are able to support work like ours because people working... Continue Reading →

Colourful read

Conro's plan to release the "Journal of Colouring in" is taking shape. Expect emails asking for editorial board members to be spamming you any day now...

They grow up so fast – Olivia’s MRes poster

Another year begins and another student gets a chance to share their work. Today, Olivia (Bov) Kingston presented a poster of the work she did last semester, as part of her MRes in Clinical Sciences. Here she is posing for the obligatory pic (note that she didn't let me take this one as she is... Continue Reading →

#Inspirational or just #annoying?

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