They grow up so fast – faculty poster day

They grow up so fast. Faculty poster day #cartoonswinprizes

GOL – Dragon

Getting in the mood

Intriguing times ahead…

Just a little teaser... Today we started the filming for our new set of online materials to support experimental design teaching. Rachel getting prepped in the tissue culture suite In the last couple of years, I have been trying to make improvements to the way that the fundamental lab skills are taught to our postgraduate... Continue Reading →

Ancient technology. #gameoflaminins #library

Meet the Scientists 2019

Cell cookies, a giant cardiovascular model, bumpy circles. muscle and reaction time and how to balance. There was a lot going on yesterday! Victoria speaking about the retina Each year, each of the different research institutes at the University of Liverpool host a "Meet the Scientists" day a at Liverpool world museum. Yesterday was the... Continue Reading →

Coming soon…

laminins are coming Follow the blog to get updates.

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