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Can I ask a favour? I'd like your opinion. I've been putting together a book recently that contains the advice and info that I would want anyone starting a research project to have. However, what should the title be? (Poll/suggestions below) Some quick info. I see the target markets as undergraduate students starting their final... Continue Reading →

Lighting up the room

Let the science do the talking... advice for poster design

If you are interested, we have a little page on poster prep here:

Inspiring young minds – NWCR research symposium

Inspiring the next generation of scientist during a school visit to the labs. Part of @NWCRCentre research symposium. @NortWestCancer

They grow up so fast – undergrad project talks

This week our undergraduate students completed then final part of their research project; presenting their research in a conference-style talk to faculty and peers. This year we had three students in the lab, and their job was to kick start our new project on LaNt in breast cancer. Over the course of their time in... Continue Reading →

Thanos at ARVO2019

A little post from Thanos about his recent trip to Vancouver for ARVO 2019

GOL – Know

#gameoflaminins Know. #research #postdoc

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