Life in the Lab – Chpt 6 released

Version 0.6 release Today I have uploaded the next edition of Life in the Lab, the Essential Guide to Becoming a Researcher. This update adds Chapter 6 which is all about science writing skills. I've also corrected some formatting issues and corrected some small typos that made it through into the previous edition. If you... Continue Reading →

Version control

Version control

Life in the Lab – Chpt 5 release

Life in the lab pre-print: chapter 5 release

Legend-ary New Game

Working on the figures chapter of the book this weekend, so thought I would share this 'toon as a teaser from the fig legends section. Book? Yup there is a book, more info here: Life in the Lab

They grow up so fast – Graduation edition 2019

IACD PhD and MPhil graduates 2019 Today was the graduation for PhD and MPhl students in the faculty of health and life sciences at University of Liverpool. Usually for PhD students, the big celebration comes after the viva, but today everyone who completed their studies in the last six months had the chance to be... Continue Reading →

They grow up so fast – ASMB Nashville

Lee presenting LaNt research at ASMB basement membrane meeting, #Nashville

Experimental method

Slightly different 'toon this week: the ageing of Kevin, also known as the experimental method. I originally made this to go in the life in the lab book, but currently have removed it. What do you think? FYI: Chpt 1 of the book covers the peach coloured bit, chpt 2 the blue, chpts 3 and... Continue Reading →

They grow up so fast- airport edition

Lee got some practice presenting his poster at Manchester airport pre-flight. I am confident the ASMB will be wowed by the depth of his knowledge. UPDATE: he has now "presented" to 2 families and a high school trip. Public engagement at its finest!

Life in the Lab – Preprint release

A little while ago I announced a book would be coming soon. Well, sometimes soon takes longer that you would like, so I have decided to release a pre-print version. Check it out here: Or try a sample Download Pre-print? The version released now contains chapters 1 to 4. The remaining 6 chapters are... Continue Reading →

They grow up fast – Olivia’s MRes talk

Olivia's MRes project talk. The end of another year's worth of MRes projects.

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