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Conro was beginning to regret inviting feedback #phdlife #lifeinthelab #research

Life in the Lab: Chapter 8 release

Life in the Lab Book. Editing chapter now added.


Based on a true story but, sadly, I didn’t capture a picture. 🤔

Understand you must.

When reporting your results, you have two main options regarding stats reporting: If you selected a critical value that your P value needed to reach for you to reject your null hypothesis then the outcome has to be binary. Data are either significant or not significant. However, remember that a P value is a measure... Continue Reading →

A Significant Message

Significance: a danger word. When should you say a "significant difference"? Probably not as often as you were taught in school.

Life in the Lab – Chapter 7 release + sample content

Life in the Lab v0.7 release Just a quick announcement to say that Chapter 7 of Life in the Lab has now been uploaded and is available to download here. The new chapter adds sections on each of the different elements of a primary data paper; title, abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion.... Continue Reading →

Honest feedback

Honest feedback #mumknowsbest #research #firstdraft

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