Spooky science (public engagement)

What better way to celebrate Halloween than by dissecting eyes with school kids? Spooky? Not really. Informative, enjoyable and rewarding for sure. Big shout out for the team and especially all the staff and students doing their first engagement event. It was a highly successful event and well worth the effort.

Transgenic Imposters

It’s the final countdown…

October 2019: Entering 3rd year – the big one. And my project has reached the most exciting stage! We can now begin collecting data from our newly generated transgenic mouse line!  This new mouse line is LaNt α31 overexpressing, but only when exposed to tamoxifen, meaning we have control over where and when LaNt α31... Continue Reading →

Who’re you talking to?

Straight from the talk chapter of the book.

Best. Talk. Ever.

The exits are here, here and here

Carl's commitment to the student experience had reached new levels

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