New paper out – CRISPRing laminins

Attempts at genome editing laminin beta 1 with Dendra2 photoconvertible tag

Extreme measures

Extreme measures.

Darkest hour.

What motivates you?

Major Corrections?

Click on the first image to view full-screen/slideshow Why else would Leeburt be rejected? Leave a comment below and I'll add it to the toon! Did you miss last week cartoon? See it here. Need help getting your manuscript written? Check out our writing pages, or, even better, the book!

You need a montage!

This week's toon involves Lee's personal training plans.

Fundraising: half marathon for NWCR

(TLDR: go to my "just giving" page here!) At the end of last year I made a decision that I am currently questioning. After too many years of relative inactivity, and steadily getting more and more unfit (also known as fat), I decided that something must be done. Running in my 30s had some more... Continue Reading →

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