You can learn a lot by looking – cool pics from our recent work

As a little positive aside from all the COVID-19 related news, here is a the first of a little collection of cool science pics generated by the team over the last few months. Today's post features a selection of immunohistochemistry images from human tissues.

Stop saying "significant" in COVID19 science articles

"People with blood group A have a significantly higher risk for acquiring COVID-19 compared with non-A blood groups" proclaims the conclusion of a preprint study. Now this is from a preprint, it has not gone through peer-review and most people who have read it have some serious concerns about the methodology [scroll to the bottom... Continue Reading →

Achievement unlocked – 1/2 marathon completed

Final update on my half-marathon fundraising for North West Cancer Research


What's happened?

10 miles around Liverpool (photos)

Running around Liverpool. Photos of a nice route around South Liverpool

Half-marathon training update: 1 week to go!

Well that came around fast. Next Sunday is the Liverpool half marathon and so I wanted to give a quick update on training progress. When I last posted, things were going nicely to plan. I'd run 90+km in January including a couple of 12-14km; however, hubris and an arbitrary target of hitting 100km/month struck and... Continue Reading →

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