DEVS + SPEU Away Day 2021. A slightly different pub quiz!

After a year of zoom quizzes with family and friends, I decided we would try something a little bit different for the away day quiz…

This is a team competition involving a series of mini-tasks

The overall structure is simple. There are 8 distinct tasks for your team to complete.

The tasks are varied, some skill, some knowledge, some creativity, some tactics, and some are for purely for entertainment purposes. Some will also take longer than others. Each task has points assigned for different elements. Some you can earn by completing, some by doing the task better than your competitors. Therefore, you can also be strategic about how to spend your time!

To be successful, you will need to communicate with one another, identify strengths and weaknesses and delegate tasks quickly and efficiently. Time will likely be tight, therefore the winning team will be the one that works together most effectively and thereby completes the most activities.

You will need a team name to input your answers. Decide that now!

The tasks: Each link will take you to a separate page with full instructions. The Password will be shared with everyone when we are ready to start

Only submit ONE answer per task (decide who is doing what!). The first answer form received will be the only one that is counted

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