Superhero sunscreen?

Today Conro, Danielle and I were at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry as part of “Superhero scientists” at the Manchester science week. These public engagement events are a great way to start the conversation about science (and how cool it is) to kids. They’re tiring but a fun time for all involved. About 1000…

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Welcome Olivia

Welcome Olivia! The team welcomed a new member recently, Olivia Kingston joined us for her MRes project.  Her project will investigate one of our favourite proteins, LaNt a31, and it’s effects on corneal epithelial cells. Should be a fun time. Of course, a new team member means a new character (and hopefully some new material) for…

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Pilot study

Next week we will be running experimental design workshops for the new PhD students in our institute… time to roll out the puns! Want to know more about experimental design – reach some of our teaching resources here or you can download some of the slides via slideshare  

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High probability of a tough viva

The last couple of weeks I am back on my MRes lab skills teaching. Each year I add a little bit to the program based on common issues that come up during the year. Multiple comparison testing, or more accurately, failing to account for multiple comparisons, is an area where many students, postdocs and even…

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They Grow up so fast – ISER 2018

This week, a few of the team and I have been enjoying the delights of Belfast at the International Society for Eye Research meeting. This biennial meeting brings together scientists and clinicians from around the world who work across all the specialities of ocular research. It is a really excellent meeting to showcase your work,…

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