Scariest costume ever?

P=0.06 shouldn’t be scary. The difference between 0.05 and 0.06 isn’t very much; you are only 1% less confident that the difference you have observed is real. It doesn’t mean you don’t have a difference! However, sometimes it feels like a disaster. Remember, the data are what they are so say what you see! A…

lab halloween party cartoon

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Superhero sunscreen?

Today Conro, Danielle and I were at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry as part of “Superhero scientists” at the Manchester science week. These public engagement events are a great way to start the conversation about science (and how cool it is) to kids. They’re tiring but a fun time for all involved. About 1000…

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Welcome Olivia

Welcome Olivia! The team welcomed a new member recently, Olivia Kingston joined us for her MRes project.  Her project will investigate one of our favourite proteins, LaNt a31, and it’s effects on corneal epithelial cells. Should be a fun time. Of course, a new team member means a new character (and hopefully some new material) for…

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