Life in the Lab – Researcher Guide Book

Download the current edition of this ebook from leanpub

New researchers (undergrad, Masters or new PhDs) starting out on their careers have a lot to learn but the material for this is scattered all over the place. To try and bring it all together in one place, I decided to put together a single volume book with everything I wish I knew when I started my PhD, and with everything that I want my students to know when they are starting out. This is that book.

Obviously, there are other books with similar material which leads to the question “why should you buy this one?”. Well, 1) it is cheaper, 2) it has cartoons in it.

The content is serious, the cartoons are just there to break up the text and make it more enjoyable to read. Though I have made the text as easy to read as possible too.


As you can see from the contents, I’ve tried to go from before starting out in the lab, collecting and analysing data, right through to writing up your work and communicating it as a talk or poster.

Current status and publishing plan

The version that you can download today isn’t quite complete (90% ish). I’ve decided to use a serialised publication strategy where I release each new chapter as soon as it is edited. When you click the link it will tell you how far through the process I’ve got to. But don’t be put off buying now; by buying the incomplete form you get access to all future updates but the price today is cheaper than when it is finally release. So, you get the full, complete book for cheaper than if you wait.

I’ve chosen this publishing route as I want to get the book out earlier, I also want to set myself some arbitrary deadlines and, most importantly, I want feedback from my potential readers. If you have any comments on anything you have read (including ideas for new cartoons), then I want to hear them. I will make corrections and updates to existing material whenever I upload a new edition so any and all feedback welcome.

Once all the chapters are released the book might move from leanpub onto the likes of amazon for wider exposure. I also have plans to prepare a print version for distribution, watch this space or follow the blog for updates.

Sample chapters

So that you don’t have to buy blind, I have uploaded a few sample chapters that you can download and check out now. I’ll add more as the project proceeds.

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