Life in the Lab – Researcher Guide Book

New researchers just starting out on their careers have a lot to learn but all that the material is scattered all over the place. To try and bring it all together into one place, I put together a single volume book with literally everything that I wish I had known when I started my PhD. Conveniently this is also everything that I now want my students to know when they are starting out. This is that book.


There are other books with similar material which leads to the question “why should you buy this one?”. Well, following the format of H2G2 1) Life in the lab is cheaper, and 2) it is more entertaining and easier to read than the competition.

The content is serious. However, I’ve written it in a really accessible and quick-to-read way and used some cartoons to break up the text and make it more enjoyable to read.

As you can see from the contents, I’ve tried to go from before starting out in the lab, collecting and analysing data, right through to writing up your work and presenting talks and posters.

Sample chapter

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