MRes BLS links

Links to content for the UoL MRes Lab Skills module:

Practical Videos – Introduction, Western blot, RT-PCR

Experimental Design lectures / text material

Practice MCQs

Writing Guide – Methods Sections

Writing Guide – Results Sections

Writing Guide – Figure Preparation

Poster preparation guide (for project 1 report)

Interested in projects with the Hamill lab?

This year, we are offering projects on LaNts and laminins. You can find an introduction to LaNts here, to basement membranes here or to laminin here.

Find out about some our previous MRes student projects here, here, here, here, here, here, etc (there are a lot more!).

Bonus project: not in the book

We have just had our ethics application approved for the next sunscreen project. You can read about the last ones here and here. Both are now published and the two students who did the studies presented their work at conferences.