Lab Skills; Multiple Choice Quizzes

This is the landing page for a series of multiple choice quizzes for some core lab skills / techniques. For each question, click the answer you think and it will turn green if it is correct and red if it is wrong. They do not keep score; these quizzes exist to help you learn. As such, in each MCQ there are explanations to reinforce the teaching points.

They start of easy but I’ve deliberately tried to include some more difficult questions as you progress through. Some of the points raised will not have been covered in your lecture material but rather involve you thinking about the solution from what you have learned.

For some questions there are multiple potential correct answers, I recommend clicking answers until you think you have them all, but then click the rest to check you haven’t missed any.

These are new; this is the beta testing phase. If you find any mistakes or any part that doesn’t work please let me know via the comment box below the links. Similarly if you have ideas of questions to add, I want to keep building up the material so that this is a useful resource.

MCQ- Simple calculations or watch the worked examples of calculations videos

MCQ- Working in the lab

MCQ- DNA / RNA work

MCQ- Protein work

MCQ- Flow Cytometry / FACS

MCQ- Microscopy

MCQ- Cell / Tissue Culture

NEW – Data interpretation

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