MBChB Teambuilding Challenge

Welcome to Year 1 of your studies at the School of Medicine.

As a little bit of fun to help you settle in and make some new friends, we are running a teambuilding challenge.

There are three sections to the challenge; 2 tasks to be completed at the registration session (time limited), 3 photo tasks to be completed outside the session and a mini quiz to be completed at the final week wrap-up and prize giving on Friday.

In-person tasks

Task 1: The median llama

Draw a picture of a llama (paper + pens provided).

The median sized llama from all the groups’ pictures will get 10 points. The “best” llama picture (as judged by the Year 1 team) will get 10 points, second best 5 points. Simple!

Task 2: The journey

Plan a journey from Liverpool, stopping at all your home addresses before returning back to Liverpool. To complete the task we require the following information:

  1. A sketch of the route. There can be no backtracking or crossing of paths at any point during the journey.
  2. The total distance of the entire journey.
  3. The transport types used. This must be different for each leg of the journey.
  4. The time taken to complete the journey.

Successful task completion 3 points, Innovation score (as judged by the year 1 team, 1-10 points. Unique transport type bonus 10 points (if you identify a mode of transportation that no other groups used!).

Getting to know Liverpool tasks

Task 3: Scouse-ing around

Liverpool is famous around the world for many reasons: the Beatles and music scene (56x no.1 singles, more than anywhere in the world), the football teams and horse racing, the architecture including World Heritage Site status from 2004-2021 and having the second highest number of art galleries, museums and listed buildings and parks in the UK. Almost all of which are free. It is also a surprisingly green city with numerous parks and open spaces throughout the city.

All that good stuff is before we talk about the contribution to the world that people who worked or were educated at the University of Liverpool have made. This includes Nobel prize winning scientists who made massive contributions to the medical profession! Sir Charles Sherrington (functions of neurons), Sir Ronald Ross (transmission of malaria), Har Gobind Khorana (genetics / protein synthesis), Rodney Porter (chemical structure of antibodies)

Natives of Liverpool are known informally as “Scousers”, named after a type of stew popular with sailors visiting Liverpool. The Liverpool dialect and accent are also known as “Scouse”.


Your task here is to take a picture of your team involving something that captures the phrase “iconic Scouse” in any way. It could be location, activity, clothing, food-related, or any combination thereof; basically something that makes you think Liverpool/Merseyside.

Points will be awarded from 10-1 points for the top 10 groups as judged by the year 1 team. 5 bonus points if your scouse representation is unique to your group

Task 4: Superlambanana

125 superlambananas were commissioned as part of Liverpool’s Capital of Culture celebrations. They were then auctioned off and spread around the city and surrounding area. Your task is simple, take a picture of your group with a superlambanana.

1 point for each member of the group in the picture, 10 points for taking a picture of superlambanana that no other group used!

Task 5: Impressive

Final team photo task. Do or represent something “impressive” as a team. Clearly this must be safe and legal!

What is impressive? Could be lots of things! Funny, entertaining, talented, inspirational, thoughtful, kind… all of the above? Let your creative juices flow.

Points will be awarded from 10-1 points for the top 10 groups as judged by the year 1 team. 5 Bonus points up for grabs for a single picture that is iconically scouse, superlambanana and impressive all at once!

How to upload your pictures!

Decide which group member will be responsible for uploading the pics and submit them here (you will need your @liverpool.ac.uk email)