High probability of a tough viva

The last couple of weeks I am back on my MRes lab skills teaching. Each year I add a little bit to the program based on common issues that come up during the year. Multiple comparison testing, or more accurately, failing to account for multiple comparisons, is an area where many students, postdocs and even... Continue Reading →

Secret code?

Which lab book are you?  

They Grow up so fast – ISER 2018

This week, a few of the team and I have been enjoying the delights of Belfast at the International Society for Eye Research meeting. This biennial meeting brings together scientists and clinicians from around the world who work across all the specialities of ocular research. It is a really excellent meeting to showcase your work,... Continue Reading →

Life in the Lab – Colocalisation

Apart from the problems of projecting and printing red on black and the problems with red green colour blindness, the claims suggesting co loc based on an occasional yellow pixel frustrates me then most! Lots of options of how to turn images into numbers. Have a read of the two most commonly used methods; Mander’s... Continue Reading →

Life in the lab – in it for the fame?

Outreach and dissemination is a key part of doing research. Indeed, our work is funded indirectly via the tax payer or charitable donation and therefore we should be reporting not only academia but also to our other stakeholders. Want to know about some of our outreach activities? Museum events, hospital, again, and of course filming for... Continue Reading →

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