Science phrases grammar quiz… is your grammar up to it?

I’ve put together this science grammar quiz as I know many of the people who went down a science path didn’t really enjoy English classes in school. I include myself in this population! However, as you progress in science you soon realise  that effective writing is key to delivering your findings and you wish you had paid more attention. We can all do with a refresher now and then!

In this grammar quiz all the questions use phrasing you might see in scientific writing. Testing with my students has shown than it’s not easy, but hopefully it helps remind you of some things you have forgotten. I hope that it will help you see how your own writing can improve with just a few tweaks.

In the following pages click on the correct sentence from the options.

Easy one to start…or is it?

Use or utilised?

Quantitative PCR was utilised to compare transcript abundance

Quantitative PCR was used to compare transcript abundance

grammar quiz

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