They grow up so fast – undergrad poster session

The term is drawing to a close and this week my third year tutorial class had a scientific poster session. These activities give the students a little taste of what a conference is like.

My groups were given freedom to pick a topic area related to cell to matrix adhesion in some way.

Alex, Ugne and Wenyou chose you focus on genome editing to repair the skin fragility disorder junctional epidermolysis bullosa.

Wenyou, Alex and Ugne rocking their presentation

Those of you with sharp eyesight will have noticed the three toons top left. All their idea!

My other group, Tom and Zhou chose to focus on mechanosignal transduction In bone formation. No cartoons here but still a cool poster!

Tom and Zhou

These sessions are really good fun and a great experience for the students. The students really get to know their topic and by the time they are talking with faculty and students they genuinely care about the topic.

Obviously. I like it too!


  1. I thought my eyes were lying to me and had to look again on the photo (fixated eyes on the top left corner) when you mentioned in the text cartoon. How clever to put it there!

    Wondering which other P.I. is friendly to encourage students to have fun with posters 😀
    Also, that Triceratops skeleton is so cute.


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