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Christmas 2019 "a llama Christmas miracle" Christmas 2018 "llama toon tunes"

New paper published – Laminin N-terminus alpha31 (LaNt a31) protein distribution in adult human tissues

New paper out - LaNt a31 distribution in human tissue. Cool pics galore!

Teaching podcast update

A little while back, I was guest on a podcast about teaching methods. It's now able to be embedded onto personal websites, so here it is (you can also find it on spotify, apple, deezer etc) Want to know more? Read the original blog post about it here If the player doesn't work, you... Continue Reading →

And the update...

Funded Ph.D Studentship Available

Studentship Available - Apply Now!

New student sale – Life in the lab for $5

Back to school special! The one book every new PhD / Masters student should read. Available now for just $5

Teaching lab practicals in COVID conditions: 6 tips from my first classes

This week I taught four practical classes in COVID-secure conditions. Here are some tips from what I have learned.

You can see a lot by looking – fluorescence microscopy to brighten your day

Back in the lab post COVID and Dr Lee Troughton has been on the confocal microscope grabbing some cool pics of corneal epithelial keratinocytes assembling cell to matrix adhesions. Most of these images are of hemidesomosome proteins (integrin b4, collagen XVII, BPAG1e) or laminin 332. Hemidesmosomes are the points of attachment for where sheets of... Continue Reading →

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