Laminins are extracellular proteins, lamins are nuclear envelope proteins – similar names, very different jobs! Want to learn about laminins? Click here for our friendly intro. Wondering what the cone is all about? Find out here Advertisements

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God’s molecule

Laminins are known as “God’s molecule”. In most textbook images they are drawn as cross-shaped with three short arms and one long arm due to their appearance in rotary shadowing electron micrographs (see below). Laminins get billed as the glue that holds the body together and that, coupled to a verse in Colossians 1:15-17, and…

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New Interviewing Techniques

Continuing our cartoons about PhD interviews… Don’t worry, not all students have to do arts and crafts during their selection! Wondering what a basement membrane is? Conro wrote a simple intro here Wondering if this is even vaguely real… see videos below! (Also, watch out for the separate post coming soon with the fully assembled…

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