You can see a lot by looking – fluorescence microscopy to brighten your day

Back in the lab post COVID and Dr Lee Troughton has been on the confocal microscope grabbing some cool pics of corneal epithelial keratinocytes assembling cell to matrix adhesions. Most of these images are of hemidesomosome proteins (integrin b4, collagen XVII, BPAG1e) or laminin 332. Hemidesmosomes are the points of attachment for where sheets of... Continue Reading →

New paper out – CRISPRing laminins

Attempts at genome editing laminin beta 1 with Dendra2 photoconvertible tag

A Llama Christmas miracle

Extra special 'toon day... Click on the first image to view as a slide show. Merry Christmas one and all!


Almost brilliant

They grow up so fast – ASMB Nashville

Lee presenting LaNt research at ASMB basement membrane meeting, #Nashville

The big move

Toon day - The big move. This week we are all talking about the reshuffle in our office... Can you guess the rationale?

They grow up so fast – undergrad project talks

This week our undergraduate students completed then final part of their research project; presenting their research in a conference-style talk to faculty and peers. This year we had three students in the lab, and their job was to kick start our new project on LaNt in breast cancer. Over the course of their time in... Continue Reading →

GOL – Heavy burden

Getting excited for the start of the new season? Well you might like the rest of the GOL throwback series. This is #4, check out #3 here More very soon!

They grow up so fast – Meng presenting his MRes work

Today Meng-Chen Tsai presented the work from his Masters in Research project in our lab this semester. Meng's work has focused on a brand new story in the lab - activation of transcription of different genes using short-activating RNAs. It's pretty complicate, but in essence we hope to develop a tool (potential therapy) to switch... Continue Reading →

They grow up so fast – BSMB 2019

Liam deep in conversationLee with his usual ambivalence at being photographedA very proud Conro in his presenting SchmooOlivia (the only pic she was happy to display publically) This week the British Society of Matrix Biology (BSMB) and Matrix Biology Ireland (MBI) held their spring meeting in Liverpool. There was a solid showing from my team... Continue Reading →

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