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Laminins are extracellular proteins, lamins are nuclear envelope proteins – similar names, very different jobs! Want to learn about laminins? Click here for our friendly intro. Wondering what the cone is all about? Find out here Advertisements

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New Interviewing Techniques

Continuing our cartoons about PhD interviews… Don’t worry, not all students have to do arts and crafts during their selection! Wondering what a basement membrane is? Conro wrote a simple intro here Wondering if this is even vaguely real… see videos below! (Also, watch out for the separate post coming soon with the fully assembled…

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Big news

Life in the laminin lab….big news! A quick cartoon to a) show the best way to deliver news…in a way that the recipient appreciates and b) pass on congratulations to Becky and Kyle. Yes, this is a fair reflection of real life! Miss any of our other cartoons? Links available in the menu or jump…

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Not so novel

Life in the laminin lab #15…   Like cartoons? We have more! Start heading backwards through the archives…. #14 Or jump to one of our grouped pages #6 to 10, #1 to 5

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