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Valuing mystery

We have a mystery. For years forks have gone missing from our communal kitchen. Not one or two occasionally being taken home then reappearing a few weeks later. Nope. I bought 50 really cheap forks a couple of years ago and as of this week they have all gone. Putting our best minds on the... Continue Reading →

Darkest hour.

What motivates you?

Major Corrections?

Click on the first image to view full-screen/slideshow Why else would Leeburt be rejected? Leave a comment below and I'll add it to the toon! Did you miss last week cartoon? See it here. Need help getting your manuscript written? Check out our writing pages, or, even better, the book!

You need a montage!

This week's toon involves Lee's personal training plans.

To don’t

Some items on the to do list are easier than others. If you are affected by this cartoon, you may need a pick me up. Try last week's 'toon here.⠀Part of the PhD journey involves learning how to deal with disappointment. Whether it’s experiments not working or rejections from grants of journals. The key is... Continue Reading →

Life outside the bubble

Conro is back from his break... but how did it go (follow the link for more). #academicbubble #phdchat #phdforum

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