Does “significant” mean small? [Editing for impact #2]

Should significant only be used for small differences.

Stop saying "significant" in COVID19 science articles

"People with blood group A have a significantly higher risk for acquiring COVID-19 compared with non-A blood groups" proclaims the conclusion of a preprint study. Now this is from a preprint, it has not gone through peer-review and most people who have read it have some serious concerns about the methodology [scroll to the bottom... Continue Reading →

Life in the Lab: Chapter 8 release

Life in the Lab Book. Editing chapter now added.

Understand you must.

When reporting your results, you have two main options regarding stats reporting: If you selected a critical value that your P value needed to reach for you to reject your null hypothesis then the outcome has to be binary. Data are either significant or not significant. However, remember that a P value is a measure... Continue Reading →

Life in the Lab – Chapter 7 release + sample content

Life in the Lab v0.7 release Just a quick announcement to say that Chapter 7 of Life in the Lab has now been uploaded and is available to download here. The new chapter adds sections on each of the different elements of a primary data paper; title, abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion.... Continue Reading →

Life in the Lab – Chpt 5 release

Life in the lab pre-print: chapter 5 release

Life in the Lab – Preprint release

A little while ago I announced a book would be coming soon. Well, sometimes soon takes longer that you would like, so I have decided to release a pre-print version. Check it out here: Or try a sample Download Pre-print? The version released now contains chapters 1 to 4. The remaining 6 chapters are... Continue Reading →

Help needed!

Can I ask a favour? I'd like your opinion. I've been putting together a book recently that contains the advice and info that I would want anyone starting a research project to have. However, what should the title be? (Poll/suggestions below) Some quick info. I see the target markets as undergraduate students starting their final... Continue Reading →

Science phrases grammar quiz… is your grammar up to it?

How well did you learn your grammar? This quiz will put you to the test...

Life in the Laminin Lab #6 – Intros

Like to see more of our new cartoon series? #5 seems like a good place to start! Don't be like JohnJohn, read our guide to writing the introduction sections to manuscripts / project reports / lab reports etc   here Or other parts of your project here

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