They grow up so fast: MRes Spring 2016 edition

Another semester, another fruitful batch of MRes students.

This time Farhannah and Shane returned for another dose of punishment fun in team Hamill.

Farhannah, working closely with PhD student Lee Troughton, generated a load of interesting and somewhat surprising data about LaNt a31 knockdown in corneal epithelial cells. Her talk today was thoroughly impressive; hilarious in points, but, a thoroughly effective and entertaining method of delivering the message. I particularly appreciated the “I could watch these videos all day” comment referring to her talin-rfp timelapse movies its great when your student gets the same sort of enjoyment out of the data. I’m not sure I would have called the cell “Jeff” though.

Shane, on the other hand, did a non-LaNt related project (shocking, I know), driven largely by Prof Colin Willoughby but directed by myself and helped by Dr Umar Sharif in my lab. His studies yielded a ton of  data on a new project and although they are still preliminary  the data are also quite encouraging and will now be followed up by our next student starting next week.

Here they are with the obligatory photos of the proud science parent; Farhannah presenting her talk, Shane with his poster.


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