They grow up fast – Olivia’s MRes talk

Today the 2019 cohort of the MRes in Clinical Sciences completed their third project rotation with a talk and poster session. This means its the end of the Olivia (Bov) Kingston’s time in our lab 😦

Above is a pic of her in action, smashing her presentation and wowing the crowd (with the exception of the guy in front of me!) with her story about alternative splicing in laminin alpha 3.

It’s a bittersweet moment as a PI. Bov has integrated fully into the lab, always a fun person to have around. This project produced a wealth of interesting and somewhat surprising data that advances a story that is building nicely about a cancer-associated splicing switch. But now we have to say goodbye.

But wait! What’s that? Good news! Olivia is staying on in the Department to pursue a MRC-funded PhD with Drs Carl Sheridan and Rachel Oldershaw. Moreover, our last student, Meng, is also moving on to a PhD with Dr Sheridan.

Obviously, that’s great for the department and for the students, but also for me as I don’t have to retire the Bov cartoon characters as I am sure there will be more material to come…


Completely unapproved toon

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  1. Congratulations Olivia and Weng – exciting times and ground breaking discoveries ahead.
    Best Wishes from Susan and Brian Hamill


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