PubMed Whack!

A googlewhack is a two word search term (without “”, AND, OR or other boolean restrictors) that returns exactly one webpage.

Our PubMed Whack is the same thing, but we are looking in the publications deposited in PubMed. You want the lowest number of hits but must be above zero!


  • No author names.
  • No use of restrictions. The search term must contain only two words.
  • No numbers (numbers as part of gene or protein names are allowed)


  • Team with search term giving the lowest number (1+) of hits = 8 points
  • Second lowest = 6 points
  • Third lowest = 4 points
  • Fourth lowest = 2 points
  • BONUS = +2 points if your search returns 1 hit only
  • BONUS = +2 extra points if a member of DEVS/SPEU is a co-author on a 1-hit paper!

DANGER! = All points lost if any other team uses one of the same words as you!