Spooky science (public engagement)

What better way to celebrate Halloween than by dissecting eyes with school kids? Spooky? Not really. Informative, enjoyable and rewarding for sure. Big shout out for the team and especially all the staff and students doing their first engagement event. It was a highly successful event and well worth the effort.

Beautiful Sci-Art to Inspire the Next Generation

Science-based works of Art (#sciart) created yesterday at the Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease by year-6 children (10-11yrs old) from Liverpool primary schools will be  on display at Royal Liverpool University Hospital foyer on Fri the 26th Jan (11am-5pm)! If you are around, come along and support #scicomm Message from Valentina Barrera and the... Continue Reading →

The Sunscreen Challenge

On Saturday the University of Liverpool held one of its "Meet the Scientists" event at the World Museum. At these events, various groups from the uni run stands about their area of research and try to educate and inspire the next group of scientists. Around 1000 parents and children attend and this weekend had  stands about;... Continue Reading →

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