You can see a lot by looking – confocal microscopy imaging of laminins (etc)

Science and art meet when imaging laminins and other ecm proteins using confocal microscopy

SciArt review process

If Art was subject to peer-review.... Preparation The Review Process Any likeness to people at my institution is purely coincidental 😉 Who have I missed? Comment box below Like this? It's part of a series of cartoons we are producing, you can sign up for alerts via the email box or see the previous cartoons... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Sci-Art to Inspire the Next Generation

Science-based works of Art (#sciart) created yesterday at the Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease by year-6 children (10-11yrs old) from Liverpool primary schools will be  on display at Royal Liverpool University Hospital foyer on Fri the 26th Jan (11am-5pm)! If you are around, come along and support #scicomm Message from Valentina Barrera and the... Continue Reading →

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