Two undergrad student papers published

Big shout out to undergraduate students Alice Ibbotson and Fang Ziyu for having their work published in Insider Imprint. @insiderimprint #proudlecturer

Teaching podcast update

A little while back, I was guest on a podcast about teaching methods. It's now able to be embedded onto personal websites, so here it is (you can also find it on spotify, apple, deezer etc) Want to know more? Read the original blog post about it here If the player doesn't work, you... Continue Reading →

Teaching lab practicals in COVID conditions: 6 tips from my first classes

This week I taught four practical classes in COVID-secure conditions. Here are some tips from what I have learned.


Check out my interview on the Academy "Developing Practice" podcast

They grow up so fast, especially during lockdown – undergraduate project students

They grow up so fast, especially during lockdown - undergraduate project students


Almost brilliant

They grow up so fast – undergrad project talks

This week our undergraduate students completed then final part of their research project; presenting their research in a conference-style talk to faculty and peers. This year we had three students in the lab, and their job was to kick start our new project on LaNt in breast cancer. Over the course of their time in... Continue Reading →

Little help please boys

How do you study? Now updated with outcomes!

The 2018 cohort of Masters in Research students took their end of module multiple choice exam today. While the class stress about their answers to the questions, it's a chance for me to learn whether the changes I've made to my teaching approaches are working or not. I love data (no surprise) and so building up... Continue Reading →

Life in the Laminin Lab #4 – Aligning Expectations

See #1 here   #2 here, #3 here Or #5 here Meet the characters

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