Lab exposure on HGTV

Thanks to the efforts of my wife, we made an appearance on the HGTV show House Hunters International, telling the story of our move to Liverpool.

Great fun to shoot over an intense 5 days in December. It was worth it though, one of those unique experiences that let me appreciate the effort and commitment that goes into even one of these relatively simple shows.

The episode aired in the US on June 14th and by a lucky coincidence we were in Washington and got to see it along with some of our friends. Surprisingly, not too cringe worthy – if you want to check it out, look for “looking in Liverpool”

Below are a few screen grabs from the little portion in the lab as they set the scene for the move. Top is Vishal, an MRes student who was super keen to be on camera and tried to get into every shot!.Below is PhD student Lee who makes probably 2 seconds of the final cut and was less keen. You can’t hear what he is saying as the voice over runs over the top but he is telling me how the water he has just pippeted is an RNA extraction that will lead to a new cure for blindness!

Either way, nice to give the University of Liverpool a little plug, promote the town and promote the career of a research scientist with the opportunity to travel and live internationally. These last points were diluted somewhat with my wife pointing out “its Liverpool, it rains a little in the morning, a little in the afternoon….”



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