2 New papers out – Comprehensive reviews of conjunctival ECM and replacement strategies

"The conjunctival extracellular matrix, related disorders and development of substrates for conjunctival restoration" and "Biological tissues and components, and synthetic substrates for conjunctival cell transplantation" published in The Ocular Surface - links to download.

Does “significant” mean small? [Editing for impact #2]

Should significant only be used for small differences.

Editing for impact #1 – Using sentence structure to increase emphasis

This post unpacks how sentence structure influences the emphasis on different parts of your message (and how you can use this information to get your point across most effectively). Throughout this post, we will discuss as a situation where you are writing one sentence to convey two points: 1) That a new vaccine is generally... Continue Reading →

Ask Lee… a true story

For the pretty much the entire time the Hamill lab has been in existence, Lee "Leeburt" Troughton has been a part of it. If you've been on this blog at all, you've seen stories about him . Lee joined my fledgling team as a MRes rotation student and we had a fun time working together.... Continue Reading →

Danke Freiburg

I arrived home from Germany just before Christmas (right before travel to the UK was cut due to Covid, luckily!), so here’s a little look back at my placement there. All in all the experience was fantastic, and was amazing for both professional and personal development. I’m extremely grateful to Dr. Alex Nyström for hosting... Continue Reading →

Christmas 2019 "a llama Christmas miracle" Christmas 2018 "llama toon tunes"

New paper published – Laminin N-terminus alpha31 (LaNt a31) protein distribution in adult human tissues

New paper out - LaNt a31 distribution in human tissue. Cool pics galore!

Ich habe Schwein gehabt! Going to Freiburg

Conro on his travels - 3 month student placement in Freiburg to work with Alex Nystrom

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