IACD Art of Science Competition

Over the last few months Hannah Levis, Brian McDonagh, Stephen Beard and myself have been running an “Art of Science” scientific images competition with the staff and students of the Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease, University of Liverpool.

It’s been fantastic, with uptake right across the breadth of institute – 49 pics coming from all the different areas including muscle, cornea, retina, nerves, lungs, heart, bone with images taken by indirect immunofluorescence, histology, atomic force microscopy, coherence tomography, segmentation analyses, angiography, fundus photography.

Today Brian and I installed the exhibit in the main reception at the Liverpool Royal Hospital. Almost instantly (as soon as about 2 pics were on the boards) people started stopping to investigate. I think it will have the desired effect of lots of public engagement

Check out the finalists here:


vote here


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I don’t want to influence the voting, but these pics  came from my lab…

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